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May 1, 2020

Implementing "IF" in Terraform "conditional expression"

Terraform Cloud can create and manage your infrastructure, roll updates for your infrastructure, and your apps, CI-CD also. 

I found TFC as very productive for both infrastructure development and production infrastructure workflows
It sounds like it can process workflow where conditions matter. At any stage and its focus.

So I will focus now on terraform arguments conditions.

Case No 1: You want to create EC2 VM with disk size 20Gb by default, but IF volume_size workspace variable is set - THEN let override this, per this workspace.

To override default 20Gib need to add a "volume_size " variable to terraform workspace, with the requested size value (in Gib).

Don't forget to "queue run" after the change.

Case No 2: You want to keep this volume_size argument in some secrets store, and you are fetching secrets via "data" object, for example from AWS secrets manager. 
  • It can be AWS SSM, Vault, any place where you are fetching with "data".
But IF volume_size variable is set THEN you want to override this with terraform workspace variable.
Well, this is a bit more complicated:
There is original documentation here, but still not easy to understand the implementation, but in the end, it appears to be super easy.
Imagine that you can create a testing pipeline where each stage is null_resource with "local-exec" provisioner scripts that depend on each other hierarchy, and this every stage bases on the previous step outputs.
Write in comments if you need an example.

Case No3: You want to create a resource only IF some variable has "true" value:

* You still can't pass "count" argument in "module", but probably will be implemented later.

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